What is dedicated desk?

Dedicated desk is a desk that specific desk you book is yours for the duration of your booking. It is a type of shared desk in the Co-working space. If you book the desk for a week then that desk will be your for the next one week. You can get some additional amenities based on discounts that we offer.

Who and all fit for our dedicated desk?

Our dedicated desk is totally ideal for freelancers, small business owners and remote workers. Who and all need a individual desk to work with their own belongings without any disturbance then this is perfect for them. This dedicated desk equipped with chair, table, trash can, working table with locker, you can leave your belongings without fear of losing.

dedicated desk

“This is the perfect time to claim your
special desk in our space”

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Benefits of Dedicated desk in
co-working space:

If you are deciding joining a co-working space a flexible membership is a better place to start. Try our dedicated desk services to attain the goal.

  • Dedicated desk always gives you the more privacy

  • You can leave your belongings at a dedicated desk

  • Our dedicated desk come along with locking file cabinet

  • You may bring your own chair for your convenience

  • You can personalize your place as you wish

  • You can reserve the individual area that you like the most

  • Your dedicated desk will connect to the phone line

  • You can attend events that will happen in working space

Types of membership we offer


Part time
day pass


A shared flexible desk


A dedicated


Secure Private Office Option

About dedicated desk membership

Dedicated desk membership is nothing but you can reserve your seat like reservation. But unlike common reservation you could only use your reserved desk none can access this desk unless the reservation time get ends.

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